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  • This spoon is designed for quick separation of hot oil from the clear soup
  • Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is heavy duty and durable
  • Long steel handle designed, ergonomic and anti-skid, it is also comfortable for handling without getting too close to the heat
  • Featuring with hole on handle allows for easy hanging and space-saving.
  • Soup flows out from the small hole at the bottom of ladle and oil stay floated at the surface and is separated, which can effectively filter out the excess oil so that you can have a healthier meal.
  • Creative brick design
  • 4 beautiful colours each pack 
  • Airtight and moistureproof plastic bag sealing clip to keep all types of food and snack fresh and tasty longer
  • Suitable for use in home, office, picnic, camping and travel
  • Good quality and durable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Compact, stackable and easy storage


  • Material: Silica Gel.
  • Package:
  • 1 * Large Silicone Spatula (27cm x 5.2cm)
  • 1 * Small Silicone Spatula (20.6cm x 4cm)
  • 1 * Large Silicone Spoonula (27cm x 5.8cm)
  • 1 * Small Silicone Spoonula 20.6cm x 4.3cm)
  • 1 * Silicone Brush (20.8cm x 3.3cm)


  • Useful design and high quality
  • Made of soap with a plastic case, it can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenient to take and easy to use
  • Good for travel, camping, hiking, BBQ or other outdoor activities
  • Made from soap with plastic box
  • Good item in daily life
  • How to use: Put soap leaves in the palm of your hand, add warm water, foam and wash.


Collapsible Multi-purpose 10L Round Pail

  • Made with durable, non-smell, safe and non-toxic PP and TPR material.
  • One-piece forming process and fine workmanship.
  • Collapsible design, folding thickness 5 cm, convenient storage when not in use, save your space.
  • Available Colour: White + Grey
  • Material: PP + TPR
  • Product Size: Ø Diameter 32cm x H25cm
  • Product Weight: 721g

Cotton Quilted Anti Slip Floor Mat

  • Available Design: Elephant / Bonjour / Puppy 
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Product Dimensions: L60cm x W40cm
  • Product Weight: 300g

Creative Double-sided Stainless Steel Blade Peeler

  • Available Colour: Red / Blue / Green / White 
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Food Grade PP
  • Product Dimensions: L15.2cm x W6.4cm x Thickness 2.5cm
  • Product Weight: 90g    


Creative Pop-up Toothpick Holder Cactus Shape

  • Available Colour: Green / Black / White
  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: H10cm-17cm* ø Diameter 5.5cm
  • Product Weight: 85g


Double Rail Dishcloth Hanging Rack

  • Available Colour: White / Grey
  • Material: ABS + PP + Diatomite
  • Product Size: L25.3cm x W7.2cm x H19.6cm
  • Product Weight: 220g

High Borosilicate Glass Jar with Lid

  • Available Colour: Clear Glass
  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass + Oak Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 
  • 300ml: ø Diameter 11cm x H7cm (32g)
  • 650ml: ø Diameter 11cm x H10cm (90g)
  • 900ml: ø Diameter 11cm x H13cm (165g)
  • 1250ml: ø Diameter 11cm x H17cm (210g)
  • 1600ml: ø Diameter 11cm x H22cm (320g)
  • Product Weight: 32g - 320g
  • Available Colour: White + Black
  • Material: ABS + TPR
  • Product Size: L41cm x Diameter Ø 8cm (included wall-mounted holder)
  • Product Weight: 370g


Honeycomb Pattern Smokeless Handmade Romantic Candle

  • Available Colour: Navy Blue/ Light Green/ Velvet Dark Green/ Maroon/ Smoky Gray/ Cream White
  • Material: Beeswax 90% + Paraffin 10%
  • Burn Time: 3-4 Hours 
  • Product Dimensions: H20cm*Diameter 2.2cm 
  • Product Weight: 20g

Metallic Finish Stainless Steel Chopsticks Available in 4 Colour Clean and Hygienic

  • Available Colour: White Gold / Black Gold / Pink Gold / Red Gold 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: L23.5cm
  • Product Weight: 33g 




Nordic Handmade Thick Oval Cotton Thread Cushion Heat Resistance Placemat

  • Available Colour: Rainbow / Khaki / Dark Grey / Light Grey / Gradient Grey
  • Material: Synthetic Resin 
  • Product Dimensions: L43.5cm x W34cm
  • Product Weight: 0.4kg

Pop-up Toothpick Tube

  • Available Colour: Blue /  Pink / Green / White+Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Product Dimensions: H12.8cm-15.9cm* ø Diameter 5.5cm
  • Product Weight: 85g
  • Perfect round scoops of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet
  • Ice cream is easily released from sccop with the press of a lever
  • Large hanging hole in handle makes storage easy
  • Antifreeze Handle: Handle easily and comfortably with an ergonomic handle design
  • Anti freeze and non stick material
  • Safe for Kids use: Makes scooping ice cream easy and fun for your kids
  • Dishwasher safe: Material and color will not fade in hot and cold temperatures